Elements: Earth - Home


Elements: Earth - Home


A tarot reading to shelter you.

If you can't be comfortable in your home, you can't be comfortable in your life. If your nest needs some refreshing or if your home only feels like a house - this is your reading. We'll work on chasing negative energy out of your crib so you can relax and welcome in good energy.

This reading addresses clutter, stale energy and rejuvenation of your home. What needs to stay and what can go? 

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LFT: Elements is a program designed to focus in on every part of your life. Earth, Air, Fire Water and Spirit aligning with your home, mind, body, emotions and divine self. These readings are based on the alchemical symbols of each element, and help you find direction, lose distractions, and move forward with confidence toward your most authentic self.

Each reading comes with a tarot reading, a kit with items chosen to enhance your readings, an exercise and homework, along with resources that can be used to strengthen the changes you make.

"Little Fox Tarot’s Elements is sheer genius. If you’re looking for a tarot reading/ritual combination that will provoke insights and change on the cellular level, you’re going to love this. The Element I used was Air - which is focused on the intellectual and business life.  Melissa began with a thorough tarot reading that looked under the hood of my business and found those places where I was stuck, over-worked, and under-nourished.  She got right to the point…fast.  Like a tarot surgeon, she was able to see where I needed to dig deeper and where I needed to cut.  This wasn’t just a business reading - it was a soul reading.  I felt clear and ready for the next step.  

Once the reading was over, I completed a meditation specific for my element and then worked through several journaling questions (Melissa also provides the ritual items - incense, a burner, and soap - which was a nice bonus).  I like to let things percolate so I wrote down my answers and revisited them a few days later.  WOW.  The ritual work added an extra cosmic kick that got me redoing some of my business plans for the upcoming year.  Results?  A saner business plan with room to breathe.  Which is what the Air element is all about.  Mosey on over to her world and let the magic begin."

Theresa Reed, The Tarot Lady