The story of Little Fox Tarot is a little weird, and a little fortuitous, and a lot like me.


When I was 9 or so, I started having dreams and flashes of intuition that came true - and I wasn't the only one in my family to experience this.

When I was 14, a kid in my class, Steve, gave me a deck of tarot cards. I still don't know why he did that.

When I was about 27, my friend Mary did a spirit animal journey for me, and found my Fox.

When I was 30, I became pregnant with my first baby, and my intuition became extremely intense... and stayed that way.

These four things have combined to give me the most amazing job in the Universe. I grew up unafraid (mostly) of what I could See and do, I was given the tools to use this gift very early on, I found my guide, and I got amped up by virtue of my kiddos.

I love talking with people. I love finding answers. I love to shine the flashlight a little further down the path to help you make sense of chaos. 


"I love talking with people. I love finding answers. I love to shine the flashlight a little further down the path to help you make sense of chaos."

- Melissa Cynova

I started doing tarot readings in 1989. It slowly became a part of my identity, and I think that my tarot skills and I grew up together. My readings in college were impulsive and sarcastic. After I had my kiddos, they deepened into more nurturing readings, and I feel that now, in my forties, they've turned into a true, calm form of counseling.

Tarot is a journey that we take together. Just the two of us. You lead the way, and I'll point out the troublesome spots or the things you might miss if you're looking in the wrong direction. (Forward. Always look forward.)

I'm a tarot reader because I like to listen and help people listen to themselves.

I'm a reader because I'm a little bossy and a lot pragmatic.

I'm a reader because I can't NOT be a reader.

I've been doing readings for about 27 years, reading for nearly 5,000 people. Located in St. Louis, Missouri, USA, I give in person readings to folks in the area, and if they're not, I I do it by phone or email. Wherever you are, it doesn't matter - I can reach you, and we can work together.




"...I discovered that Melissa is no tarot lightweight. She has one of the deepest, most thoughtful blogs - and better yet - she does killer readings!"


"Melissa is an awesome tarot reader... we exchanged readings by phone and it blew my mind."


"I know Melissa well enough to know that she actually intuits crap that she couldn't otherwise know, and that she's a talented communicator."


"...highly insightful and very professional. I love her straightforward personality."


"Sometimes we need someone to punch us in our heads and scream it into our faces. Perspective. If you think Little Fox is going to swell your head and tell you how sexy you are - or that you will most definitely win the lottery - it ain't that type of party. And, I'm glad it isn't."

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Melissa published her first book, Kitchen Table Tarot, with Llewellyn Publishing in April 2017.


"I started teaching tarot to my friends at my kitchen table. We would have a few beers and I'd hold up a card and pull out every pertinent detail I could about the card. Where I'd seen it in readings, what was happening next, who it reminded me of. That's why this book is called Kitchen Table Tarot. Because we're about to become friends, you and I. And I have a lot to show you."
Tarot is storytelling at its base. You are using the tool of the cards to elaborate someone's story. Getting in touch with your storytelling self is one of the most important things you can do in your journey through tarot. My storytelling self swears a lot. I see the pictures in my head of what has been, could be, will be. Yours is going to be different - embrace that.


Held  at the Monarch Hotel and Conference Center in Portland, Oregon, the Northwest Tarot Symposium focuses on cartomancy including Tarot, Oracle, and Lenormand. Melissa has happily presented in 2015 and 2016, and hopes to attend every year!



Melissa has been a part of the St. Louis Pagan Picnic for over 15 years. She holds yearly workshops, featuring both Tarot 101 and Advanced Tarot, and is present throughout the Picnic where you can join her for a personal Tarot reading, group reading, and more.



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