That's the thing with magic. You've got to know it's still here, all around us, or it just stays invisible for you. -Charles deLint

I had an event the other night.  Nothing extraordinary, really.  Just a gig at the City Museum in St. Louis.  I love that place, but at night it's truly something to behold.  I was watching all of these executives walk through the caverns, grinning manically and asking how to get to the 10 story slide.  It was lovely watching all of them turning into silly eight year old's before my eyes.  

One of the ladies that I read for looked a bit nervous.  She had long, dark hair, an anxious smile and a friend with her.  Right when she sat down, I asked her if she was going to get a haircut.  It was so odd - just fell out of my mouth.  She looked startled, and I said, "Well, I see you with short hair - really short hair.  It looked amazing!  Not sure where that came from, I'm sorry!."  She started crying.  Her friend teared up, too.  Turns out that that long dark hair was a wig, and she was recovering from an illness.  The reading went very well, and I apologized for startling her.  

The thing that resonated with me, though, was the responsibility I have as a tarot reader to my clients.  I got to have a conversation with this woman about her health, her happiness and her life.  She allowed me in.  That's a very huge amount of trust that I take seriously (and yes, I asked if I could write about this).  When someone sits down for a reading or picks up a phone, there has to be trust present.  People don't get readings (generally) when everything is hunky-dory.  People get readings because they're worried, unsure or feeling small.  I feel that it's my job to listen, to encourage and to remind them that the pattern is very hard to see when you're in it.  The maze that you're walking through can look like vast walls that you can't possibly navigate.  That's the lovely thing about readings - I can see the whole picture, and point you in the right direction.  

This is one of the reasons I'm so annoyed by faker readers.  I think that they're like vultures - preying on those who are weak and exploiting that weakness for their own gain.  Here are three tips to help you avoid these assholes.

  1. Use referrals!  Use your network to find someone that you *know* does great readings.  If I swear too much for your taste, I can refer you to at least five other tarot professionals that will give you a great reading.  I don't mind losing a client if I know they're going to get a solid reading somewhere else.
  2. Don't fall for gimmicks.  If someone tells you that you've got a black cloud hanging over you, like Pigpen in Charlie Brown, and the only way to lose it is to hire them (usually for a lot of money!) as an advisor, walk away.  Seriously - walk away. And tell them Shame on you!  And also tell them to shove that $50 candle up their ass, go to Target and get your own for $8.
  3. Careful with people who promise love or money.  Those things are fluid and while there are things that YOU can do to change your life, someone else's influence has little to do with your success.  Your success is in YOUR hands.  Careful of people who try to snatch it or manipulate it.

Not to sound cheesy, but I'm really honored to be able to do what I do.  It's a gift, and I do my best to be respectful about using it and sharing it.  I was so happy to help the clients I saw this weekend, particularly this brave women with the long/short hair.  All due respect and gratitude for all of you guys for trusting me with you.