Managing Money: Scarcity Thinking


A lot of readings that I do show that one of the limiting factors that people struggle with financially is the idea that they deserve to be poor. I can use myself as an example. I grew up poor, then lower working class, then lower middle class. I remember the distinct feelings that came from living in a place with mice and leaky windows and welfare bricks of cheese, to eating 60% of the time with food we grew in the garden (or not eating). Then, we were able to eat out at a restaurant once a month - that was a big deal!

Each of these transitions brought with it a huge amount of feelings. Did I deserve to eat at Bonanza? I knew how much it cost, and I knew that my folks were working their tails off. Did I really need new jeans? There was so much guilt in the little things, that my reaction as a teen and in my twenties was either to blow all of my money in one weekend and then guilt trip myself for the next three weeks OR scrimp and save on ‘fun stuff’ and then overpay on bills out of guilt.

This left me in the same place every month. Broke. EXACTLY where I was the most comfortable and used to.

So, how did I get over the guilt and the feeling that I deserved to be broke?

A few years ago, my buddy Mark noticed that I always said, “That’s why I can’t have nice things.” And before you think I’m going to go all “The Secret” on you, I need to tell you that I think that’s a crock of shit. I don’t think that people get sick because they don’t want to be well.


thoughts have roots, and if you don't believe you deserve nice things, you're not going to BEHAVE as if you do, either.

– Melissa Cynova, Little Fox Tarot

What I do believe is that thoughts have roots, and if you don’t believe you deserve nice things, you’re not going to BEHAVE as if you do, either. Your head will be down, you’ll miss opportunities and you’ll accept failure as a matter of course.

The best thing you can do to combat this is to monitor your thoughts and behavior. I quit saying “I can’t have nice things” and I quit acting like it, too. I got a job that paid better, a nicer car, more money in the bank and a boyfriend upgrade, too. The better I felt, the better I did and so on and so on. Do I think that the Universe heard me when I said that sentence? No. I do believe that I heard it - and I believed it, too.

So, from my experience and observations in my readings, the first step to financial success and stability is rerouting your thought process and your relationship with money. And when you DO see the dollars coming in, say these three things that my friend, Limitless Megan taught me:



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