Managing Money: The Future of Your Finances


One of the most important things that comes up in money readings is that you have to stay present. So many people either live in anxiety (future) or regret (past) and forget to enjoy where you are here and now.
Let’s assume that you’ve gotten into right relations mentally with your money. You’ve got a budget and you’ve made some plans for your future finances. Now what?  Now you would really like to get that tattoo sleeve you’ve been mentally designing for like five years.
Since you’re all fiscally responsible now, you can’t just throw $600 at your tattoo artist, for example. (Plus a really good tip for them. Don’t be an asshole.) That would derail your budget and land you right back where you were before you worked so hard.  Here’s what you do.

  1. You need to talk to your partner, if you have one, and if you share financial responsibilities. Joe and I touch base with each other about anything over $100. We have a conversation. Sometimes I get what I want and sometimes I don’t, but the conversation is important.
  2. Let’s say your tattoo is going to be $700 (including the tip).  You don’t want to mess with your budget too much, but you can find some room if you try.
  3. Look at  two weeks of expenses. Can you cancel a subscription box for a few months? What about Netflix? Stop eating sushi for lunch for a few weeks? Can you sell some stuff on eBay?
  4. Once you figure out how much you can save or earn, mark it on your calendar. You are saving $20 a week by skipping Starbucks? Awesome! It will take you 35 weeks to save up for your tattoo. It will take less if you find more things to get rid of or more things to ignore for a while.
  5. The decision that you truly have to make is this, How badly do you want the tatttoo? If it’s worth it, you’ll do what you have to.
  6. The best part of this? The absolute BEST PART is walking out of the tattoo parlor with your new tattoo, NO DEBT, NO bills left unpaid, and NO interest rates following  you around. It’s yours. No regrets.

It is really good to be fiscally responsible, but if you forget to have fun, you’re more likely to go crazy on Amazon Prime at 2am after you’ve taken a xanax.  I hear. *coff* Not that I’ve  anyway.
I was able to pay for a tarot retreat this year AND my flight without panicking or using a credit card. I can’t tell you what a relief that was. Little Fox Tarot has only been an official business for three years, and is (as of January 1) completely self supporting. It’s got its own savings account and is taking care of all of the expenses that come from running a business.
If you think that the best thing about this is that I’m rolling in money, it’s not. I’m not a millionaire, but I’m comfortable. The best thing about this is that I’m not afraid anymore. If something happens, we’re able to take care of it without panicking or wondering what we’re going to sacrifice so we can handle the emergency.
The best thing about this? Peace of Mind.
I hope you find it, too.
PS the second best thing is paying off bills. It’s an amazing feeling and I can’t recommend it enough.